Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid with Braces

As the holidays roll around, it can be very tempting to eat at our hearts content. Next Level Orthodontics is here to guide our patients through the holidays to avoid broken brackets and delayed treatment! Dr. Ashley Smith wants everyone to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast, but he also wants to make sure we can get Read More

Orthodontist Approved Candy for Halloween

It can be hard to tell which candies to avoid on your first Halloween with braces. Don’t worry, Next Level Orthodontics has made a list of Orthodontist Approved candy for this Halloween! We know the excitement of opening up your goodie bag after your full night’s hard work, but it’s very important to be mindful Read More

How young can I start my kids in braces?

Nowadays you will see a lot of little kids with braces, and you may ask yourself, aren’t they too young for treatment?? Well, there are several reasons why it is important to start kids with braces at a young age, but they are mainly for preventative reasons. Here are some situations where getting braces will Read More

What are In-House Aligners?

So you’re thinking of getting some aligners, such as Invisalign, to correct some minor movements, whether it’s because you didn’t wear your retainers, or you’ve always had pretty straight teeth besides a couple of teeth out of line. Treatments with large corporate labs such as Invisalign and Spark can be costly and maybe you don’t Read More

Aligners 101

  Yay! You finally started your aligners, what now? I’m sure you have a lot of questions; how do I wear aligners, how long do I leave my aligners on, how do I clean my aligners? Next Level Orthodontics is here to help! Wearing aligners is nothing like having braces. Aligners while having the best Read More

Never Worry about Losing Retainers Again!

  Next Level Orthodontics would love to introduce our newest patient program! This program is specifically designed to help you live a stress free life after braces! Many people come to us after their orthodontic treatment because they have either lost or damaged their retainers. Many times they end up paying for new retainers or Read More

How Much Should Braces Cost?

Everyone wants a beautiful smile these days.  In a world full of social media and instant photo uploads, it’s no wonder why so many people are seeking perfect, straight, white teeth. Having a beautiful smile that you are comfortable with undoubtedly raises your confidence!  In turn, I think we all know how a rise in confidence can Read More

Affordable Braces for Everyone

  Dr. Ashley W. Smith, Owner and Orthodontist at Next Level Orthodontics  has made it his personal goal to create the best orthodontic practice in New Braunfels.  He has three main goals: 1.  Great customer care and service 2.  Affordable Braces, and 3.  A cool, fun, and relaxing atmosphere Great Customer Care and Service When Read More


In an effort to proactively protect all patients and parents in these tumultuous times, Next Level Orthodontics has decided to follow the following precautions: No more than 3 patients scheduled at one time. The tightest possible infection prevention protocols. Evenings and Saturday hours available to make sure our patient’s treatment progresses. Let’s stay safe together. Read More