Never Worry about Losing Retainers Again!


Next Level Orthodontics would love to introduce our newest patient program!

This program is specifically designed to help you live a stress free life after braces! Many people come to us after their orthodontic treatment because they have either lost or damaged their retainers. Many times they end up paying for new retainers or sometimes even braces treatment again!

Our Secure Smiles program takes away the worry of losing or breaking your retainers once you have completed your orthodontic treatment. The program gives you 3 sets of retainers annually, at a very affordable cost, meaning you won’t have to pay for retainers ever again. Once you have decided to join the Secure Smiles program, we will use the scan we took when you ended your braces treatment with us to make your original retainers over and over again, no questions asked. After we print your new retainers we ship them directly to you about one week later.

In the case that your new retainers do not fit, from teeth shifting over an extended period of time, we can offer a new scan for a ONE-TIME fee of $89 and this will prevent your teeth from shifting anymore and prevent you from having to start braces treatment again. The one-time fee will put you back into the Secure Smiles Retainer Program.

At Next Level Orthodontics, we take pride in providing high quality orthodontic care, many types of braces treatments, affordable prices, and now the opportunity to live a worry-free life after braces!

Contact us for more information about our Secure Smiles program or if you are interested in our different braces treatments here in New Braunfels, TX! Dr. Ashley Smith and his team are ready to help you achieve your BEST SMILE.

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