Meet Our Team

The Next Level Orthodontics Team

Pictured from Left to Right: Krystal Smith, Dr. Ashley Smith, Misty Paredez, Carina Johnson, Meyling Hathaway, Gabrielle Sandoval, Kenia Rivera, Grace Hall, Nadia Gasiorowski

Krystal Smith, RDH

Managing Director & Dental Hygienist

Krystal is a born and raised Texan. She grew up in Robstown, TX, a small city outside of Corpus Christi. In 2010, Krystal received her degree as a dental assistant, then decided to further her education in the field of dentistry. In 2016, Krystal graduated from Del Mar College in Corpus Christi with her degree in dental hygiene. Life and job opportunities brought Krystal and Dr. Smith to find their new home in New Braunfels. Krystal found her first job as a hygienist with a large dental corporation, which taught her many valuable things, not only as a provider but as a business owner. She practiced dental hygiene for three years before completely committing to managing Next Level Orthodontics with her husband.

Her experience as a dental hygienist, along with her previous experience as an orthodontic assistant, made her and Dr. Smith a great team in their endeavor of owning their own practice. Aside from dentistry, Krystal loves being a wife and mother. She has one son, Mason. In 2018, when she and Dr. Smith were married, she gained 3 more precious boys to love. In her spare time, Krystal enjoys watching them play tennis and soccer on the weekends. She also enjoys yoga, working out, finding tasty foods to eat, and wine to drink.

Carina Johnson

Office Manager

Carina grew up in Kingsville, TX, but found her way to San Antonio where more job opportunities were available. She started her career in restaurants as a server and quickly worked her way to management. She soon decided to switch gears and continue her education in medical administration, and quickly fell in love with it. Carina reached the highest level of opportunity with a sleep lab and moved on to work for a large dental corporation. This is where she met Mrs. Krystal Smith. The moment Krystal told her that she and her husband were opening their own practice, she just knew she wanted to become a part of their team! She is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the opening team with Next Level Orthodontics and hopes to grow into the executive level with them!

Carina loves being a mother to her only child, Sienna.  They love to go to the beach together with family and friends.  Carina also loves playing softball and singing!

Gabrielle “Gaby” Sandoval

Treatment Coordinator

Gaby was born in El Paso TX, and raised in the music capital, Austin, TX!

She enjoys working in the orthodontic field, as it has been her main focus since she was in high school.  She made her own dental club her in her junior year of high school, called “Dentists in Training.”  She had guest speakers teach students about different dental specialties, such as general dentistry, dental hygiene, and of course, orthodontics.

Out of high school, she was hired at her first job as an assistant, where she learned all about the beauty of braces.  A couple of years later, she was accepted to the University of Texas San Antonio, where she decided to study biology in order one day be an orthodontist herself!  While studying at UTSA, she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Smith, and she found her calling as a Treatment Coordinator at his office.

Gaby likes to learn new instruments, play tennis, and explore in her free time.  She has two older brothers who keep her motivated, and a little Boston Terrier named Stitch!

Grace Hall


Grace was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas then moved down to new Braunfels at the end of middle school.

She is currently in college, studying for her degree in Business and Entrepreneurship.

She is a makeup artist and I loves hanging out with her family of 6.

Kenia Rivera, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Kenia was born in Texas and raised in San Antonio. She has lived in San Antonio most of her life, but has also lived in Phoenix, Arizona and Mangilao, Guam.

Kenia became certified as a Registered Dental Assistant at Concorde Career College and started her internship with a large dental office, where she eventually got hired as a general assistant. While working as a general assistant she learned a little bit of everything, including orthodontics. Eventually she transitioned as an orthodontic assistant at this large company where she met Dr. Smith. Once she became an orthodontic assistant, she loved it and never turned back, and Dr. Smith invited her to work at Next Level Orthodontics.

She comes from a large family, and with five sibling she never gets bored. She also likes to paint and sell her art in her free time.

Misty Paredez, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Misty joined our team in 2020 with almost 20 years of experience in the dental and orthodontic field.

She is passionate about helping others and being a part of a team.  Her goal is to help create beautiful smiles and educate patients on their orthodontic treatment. In her spare time, she enjoys country drives in her Jeep, floating the river, and spending time with her two beautiful girls.

Daniel Saenz, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Daniel was born in Pharr, Texas (The Valley) and moved to San Marcos in 2015, which is only a few minutes from New Braunfels, where he spends most of his working hours.

Daniel has almost 10 years of experience in dentistry.  He became a dental assistant at a pediatric/general dental office in 2012.  After 2 years as a dental assistant he furthered his education to be able to perform coronal polishing and pit and fissure sealants.  He moved to San Marcos in order to go to school and began working in a General Dental office.  He recently started working in the specialty practice of orthodontics with Dr. Smith at Next Level Orthodontics in New Braunfels.  He has enjoyed learning all about braces and how teeth move.  He recently was able to start orthodontic treatment of his own.

Daniel is very passionate about dentistry and loves helping people get their mouth back to healthy.  His goal is to one day become a dentist himself and help as many people as possible.

On his spare time, Daniel loves working on cars, playing violin, and drawing.  He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and visiting his family back home.

Meyling Hathaway, RDA

Orthodontic Assistant

Meyling was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where she graduated from Dental School, and worked for 16 years!  Life brought her to Austin, Texas to start a new life with her son and daughter.

Her passion, knowledge, and experience in dentistry drew her to find a way to stay in the field.  She became a Registered Dental Assistant by studying at UTSA, and has since then been working as an orthodontic dental assistant.

She moved to New Braunfels in 2019 after she got married and has been loving living and working in New Braunfels.

Meyling enjoys traveling around the US with her husband and enjoys outdoor activities with her kids.  They love swimming and eating at different restaurants around New Braunfels, and discovering new places New Braunfels has to offer!

Nadia Gasiorowski, RDA

Records Assistant

Nadia was born in Reading, PA, and raised in San Marcos, TX.  She graduated high school in 2020, and went straight into the Dental Assisting School of Kyle.  During her internship, she learned about orthodontics and fell in love with the field.  She’s only been an orthodontic assistant for less than a year but has loved learning new things everyday and helping patients.  Her plan for the future is to one day go back to school to get her degree for Dental Hygiene.  She has stated she is very grateful for finding Next Level Orthodontics and can’t wait to grow with them as a person and as a dental assistant.

She loves to sing, be out in nature exploring with friends, and she is a dog mom to a five year old pit bull name Rocco!