Carina Johnson

Office Manager

Carina grew up in Kingsville, TX, but found her way to San Antonio where more job opportunities were available. She started her career in restaurants as a server and quickly worked her way to management. She soon decided to switch gears and continue her education in medical administration, and quickly fell in love with it. Carina reached the highest level of opportunity with a sleep lab and moved on to work for a large dental corporation. This is where she met Mrs. Krystal Smith. The moment Krystal told her that she and her husband were opening their own practice, she just knew she wanted to become a part of their team! She is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the opening team with Next Level Orthodontics and hopes to grow into the executive level with them!

Carina loves being a mother to her only child, Sienna.  They love to go to the beach together with family and friends.  Carina also loves playing softball and singing!