Gabrielle “Gaby” Sandoval

Treatment Coordinator

Gaby was born in El Paso TX, and raised in the music capital, Austin, TX!

She enjoys working in the orthodontic field, as it has been her main focus since she was in high school.  She made her own dental club her in her junior year of high school, called “Dentists in Training.”  She had guest speakers teach students about different dental specialties, such as general dentistry, dental hygiene, and of course, orthodontics.

Out of high school, she was hired at her first job as an assistant, where she learned all about the beauty of braces.  A couple of years later, she was accepted to the University of Texas San Antonio, where she decided to study biology in order one day be an orthodontist herself!  While studying at UTSA, she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Smith, and she found her calling as a Treatment Coordinator at his office.

Gaby likes to learn new instruments, play tennis, and explore in her free time.  She has two older brothers who keep her motivated, and a little Boston Terrier named Stitch!