What are In-House Aligners?

So you’re thinking of getting some aligners, such as Invisalign, to correct some minor movements, whether it’s because you didn’t wear your retainers, or you’ve always had pretty straight teeth besides a couple of teeth out of line. Treatments with large corporate labs such as Invisalign and Spark can be costly and maybe you don’t think the money is worth the amount of treatment you may need.


In house aligners may be your best option! In house aligners; meaning they are made in our own lab here at Next Level Orthodontics, are almost the same thing as Invisalign or Spark, but instead of having to pay another lab to manufacture your trays, we do it all in our lab, here in our office in New Braunfels, with our new 3D printer. Our assistants will create, and shape your aligners.


In the end, you’ll save money and Dr. Smith still has full control over your entire treatment, and tooth movements.


But why doesn’t everyone go with this option?


The answer is that not everyone qualifies for the in-house aligners, other patients may need to do a full case with Spark for more tooth movement, beyond what our lab can create. In house aligners are typically one of the more affordable options in the office, because the treatment time is so short (because there are minor movements). So just because one patient is eligible for our in-house aligners, it doesn’t necessarily mean their friend (they are referring to our office), will have the same treatment time, or cost. In fact, every patient must qualify for aligners.


Once you are eligible for our in-house aligners, the first thing we do is take a 3D scan of all of your teeth. Once the scan is complete Dr. Smith will write a prescription which designs the custom trays and movements of your teeth, just like Spark or Invisalign does. Once the design is complete, we will continue the printing part of the process. Our dental assistant here at Next Level Orthodontics will print off all of the 3D models and from there we trim each tray to make sure the patient is not uncomfortable in the tray.  As soon as your first set of aligners are completely processed, we will give you a call to get you started in your aligner treatment!


You can easily find out if you qualify for this affordable aligner option by scheduling a COMPLIMENTARY consultation at our office with Dr. Smith. He will be able to review your specific case and let you know what your options are for orthodontic and aligner treatment!


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