Orthodontic Fun Facts

The Wires Used For Modern-day Orthodontics Were Invented By NASA!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was the organization that invented the wire we use for modern orthodontics. This type of wire is an alloy of nickel and titanium (often referred to as a “NiTi” wire). What makes this wire so special is its elastic properties and its shape memory. When the orthodontic wire is initially placed through the brackets, it must be bent to activate each bracket on a tooth. Over time, with the heat produced in the mouth, the wire will reshape back to its original “U” shape. This process happens in such a slow fashion that it does not damage the roots of the teeth!

Bye Bye Impressions

Many orthodontists now use digital impressions instead of traditional molds, making the process more comfortable and accurate for patients.

The “Orthodontic Capital Of The World”

The city of Londonderry in New Hampshire is known as the “Orthodontic Capital of the World” due to its high concentration of orthodontists.

All Orthodontists Are Dentists

Only about 6% of all dentists are specialized doctors in orthodontics! All orthodontists must complete the same amount of training as a general dentist, with an additional 3 years in specialized training. This means 4 years in undergrad, 4 years in dental school, and an additional 3 years for orthodontic specialization for a total of 11 years to keep your teeth nice and healthy!

Retainers Are Just As Important As Braces

Retention is a crucial part of orthodontic treatment. Teeth can constantly shift, and if patients do not use their retainers after their treatment, they will likely need another phase of treatment to realign their teeth. Retainers hold your teeth in place so this does not allow your teeth to shift while you have them on, and wearing them as instructed for the remainder of your life will allow you to avoid needing braces again. We recommend replacing your retainer immediately in the case that it is gone.

There Are Several Types Of Braces

    • Metal
    • Ceramic
    • Lingual
    • Self-ligating
    • Clear aligners

Braces Are For Everyone!

Orthodontic treatment can be initiated at any age! Next Level Orthodontics offers many types of treatments to cater to the kids and adults who seek treatment from Dr. Smith!